11'0 LA Paddleboards - West End [Package]


11'0 LA Paddleboards - West End [Package]

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Width: 32"

Thickness: 4.5"

Weight: 27lbs

*comes with Werner Vibe (one-piece or two-piece) paddle!

This is our "in the middle" sized board great for flat water or going after waves. It is also super light with a clean design!

Epoxy Construction. This board is made with 3 layers of fiberglass on the top, and 2 layers of fiberglass on the bottom - with one more layer of X-glass to reinforce the rails and standing area. It also comes with a ledge-handle that offers more comfort for longer hauls. Board weight is only 26lbs

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Our own New Orleans' recipe! This board is brings classic longboard styling to the sport of stand-up-paddling. The 11'0 length helps provide a smooth glide on flat water and this board is always ready for riding a wave... or twenty. It is a must try!